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My name is Mariella, I’m a freelance Makeup Artist based between Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, and I specialise in bridal and special occasion makeup. My passion for makeup began in my very early teens. As a child, right through into early adulthood, I was a dancer and performer, and that was always what I had dreamt of doing. When it became clear that dance was no longer my path, I wanted to keep the creative juices flowing. Having studied Art & Textile design at A-level, I had always had a creative flair, and found so much joy in applying my own theatrical style makeup, for my performances in dance shows growing up. I found the transformative aspect of makeup mind blowing, but also that the application process itself was just a whole lot of fun, somewhat therapeutic too.

Armed with a whole collection of makeup products and books, which I had gathered together over years of doing my own makeup in the performing arts world, and obsessing over makeup artists such as Charlotte Tilbury, and Lisa Eldridge- I headed to college as soon as I could.

I began with the Beauty Therapy course, in which I learnt many techniques and treatments, from Facials, to Manis and Pedis, name it. A small module within the course was makeup, and that reinforced my love for artistry, it lit a fire in my belly, I had to do a makeup specific course. I learnt about etiquette during treatments, client care, and how vital it is that you nurture the person sat in your treatment chair, it’s all about their contentment and confidence. The course taught me a great deal about the skin and what happens beneath it, skin types and conditions- which definitely stood me in great stead to for makeup artistry, as it made me aware of how important it is to understand what's going on underneath all of the products too. I was ready to deep dive into the world of makeup.

I headed to The City of Oxford college and graduated with a qualification in ‘TV/Film & Theatrical’ makeup. As much as I loved applying a prosthetic nose to a models face, or making a 25 year old look 85, bridal and beauty makeup is where my true passion was- I knew this was the aspect of makeup that I wanted to pursue.

Alongside my beauty therapy course, I had worked for the brand Clinique, which aided in my knowledge of skincare and client communication, but while studying makeup a year or so later, I landed my dream role as Retail Artist for the beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury. I spent 3.5 amazing years with the company, learning even more about techniques, products, I made up countless faces everyday and hosted many makeup masterclasses to a very busy department store.

I was fully immersed in the dreamy, glowing, hollywood wonderment that was Charlotte Tilbury. My favourite thing about my role was that I was becoming the expert within a brand I loved, and I got to share that love and passion with 10 or so different customers everyday. No matter their age, skin type and tone or skill level, I could bring them into my ‘Tilbury bubble’ and teach them how to make themselves look and feel their most beautiful. The philosophy of Iooking and feeling your most beautiful, is what spurred me on go fully freelance in Autumn 2020. As I’d been building up my client base and working with lots of brides on their wedding days, alongside my part time artistry roles, I felt ready to ‘go at it alone’, and I’ve never looked back.

The deep rooted passion I have for makeup, goes further than making people ‘look pretty'. I truly believe that makeup is way more than exterior beauty, it can change a persons mood, and confidence level. They feel confident, empowered, inspired, and ready to face whatever needs facing. Makeup is my magic, and I want to share it.

As Charlotte Tilbury once said “Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world”.

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